MQ Showcase 2023 is, as the name suggests, my presentation as a music producer.
In fact, this is also a summary of where I am as a composer and performer in mid-2023.

They say music should speak for itself, and it’s true. However, this is not an ordinary medley of my works and therefore requires a short description in order not to get lost in it. The starting point here are the vocal parts recorded by two friendly tenors. Based on their interpretation of a Neapolitan song from the 19th century („Funiculì funiculà”), I wrote 3 compositions in completely different styles and arrangements. These are not remixes, but completely new songs, created especially for this presentation, very far from the original. I personally played guitars (acoustic, electric and bass) and synthesizers, programmed the remaining instrumental parts, then mixed and mastered the whole thing.

I hope this is not the whim of a craftsman juggling his skills. I would like this less than 5-minute rollercoaster of imagination to captivate listeners from the world where everything is fixed, arranged and obvious… 😉

Marcin Kulwas